What is Chlamydia? It’s Symptoms And Prevention

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What is Chlamydia? It’s Symptoms And Prevention

What is Chlamydia? It’s Symptoms And Prevention

Here we are talking about the chlamydia Disease.We are providing the more details of this Disease.

What Is Chlamydia ?

Chlamydia is Commonly acquired sexually transmitted bacterial infection (STI). It affects both men and woman and is spread during sexual contact.Chlamydia infection can affect several organs including the penis, vagina, cervix, urethra, anus, eye, and throat and can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to the reproductive system.


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Causes Of Chlamydia

Chlamydia may be transmitted by:

  • Having unprotected vaginal sex with an infected person

  • Having unprotected anal sex with an infected person

  • Having unprotected oral sex with an infected person

  • Having genital contact with an infected person

As chlamydial infection presents no symptoms in at least 70 percent of carriers, an infected person may pass it on to their sexual partner without knowing.

Childbirth - an infected mother can pass the infection on to her baby during childbirth. Sometimes, the infection may lead to complications for the infant, such as pneumonia.

Chlamydia cannot be transmitted through:

  • Contact with a toilet seat that has been used by an infected person

  • Sharing a sauna with infected people

  • Sharing a swimming pool with infected people

  • Touching a surface that an infected person had previously touched or coughed/sneezed on

  • Standing close to an infected person, inhaling the air after they have coughed or sneezed

  • Sharing an office with an infected colleague

Symptoms Of Chlamydia

Most people with chlamydia do not exhibit symptoms, they may start to appear 5-10 days contracting the infection.
Chlamydia symptoms specifically affecting men may include:1,2

  • Pain and burning with urination

  • Penile discharge (pus, watery or milky discharge)

  • Testicle swelling and tenderness

If the rectum is affected in men or women, it can cause anal irritation. Most people, though, have no symptoms at all.


How Chlamydia Screening

Women - women can go through the procedure at home or in the lab, either with a urine sample or by taking a swab from the lower vagina. The swab is placed in a container and sent to a laboratory.

Men - a urine buy cheap ativan online test is most commonly used.

Speak with your doctor about the necessary testing for your individual situation. Some people may have rectal or throat testing, especially in HIV-positive people.

Prevention Of Chlamydia

In order to avoid spreading chlamydia, individuals should avoid sexual activity until treatment is complete; if a one-time dose of antibiotics is prescribed, it is recommended that people avoid sex until 7 days after treatment.

  • Condoms- significantly reduce the risk of becoming infected

  • Oral sex- barrier protection can reduce risk of infection

  • Regular screening - regular screening for people in high-risk groups reduces the risk of transmitting the infection and reduces complications of the disease

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Complication Of Chlamydia

If you see the doctor soon after you suspect you’ve contracted chlamydia, you will likely be able to clear up the infection with no lasting problems. You may experience serious medical issues if you wait too long to treat it.

Female Complication:

Some women develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), an infection that can damage the uterus, cervix, and ovaries. PID is a painful disease that often requires hospital treatment.

Women can also become infertile if chlamydia is left untreated because the fallopian tubes may become scarred. Pregnant women with the infection can pass the bacteria to their babies during birth, which can cause eye infections and pneumonia in newborns.

Male Complication:

Men can also experience complications when chlamydia is left untreated. For example, the epididymis, the tube that holds the testicles in place, may become inflamed, causing pain. This is known as epididymitis. The infection can also spread to the prostate gland, causing a fever, painful intercourse, and discomfort in the lower back.

Chlamydia Curable

It's one of the most common and curable sexually transmitted diseases in both genders, chlamydia is often symptomless and goes untreated. When it does, the consequences in women can be particularly severe, resulting in chronic pelvic pain or infertility.

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